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2019 Annual Ferno Wing Challenge

This will be the best event for both Contestants and Audience! If you enjoy the show HOT ONES, then this is an event not to be missed. 2019 Annual Ferno Wing Challenge Only if you have the guts to enter! The wings are HOT.🔥🌶 The Winner receives R3000 cash on the spot and a custom trophy. Limited space available, so enter now! Audience can enjoy the show for free. Rules: Round 1: The elimination round. Eat 20 wings in 5 minutes. If you are done you move to round 2. Round 2: Winner takes all. Eat as much as you can in 5 minutes, but more than 20 wings. The most amount of wings finished will win. You will sign an indemnity. Entry fee is R200 for contestants. For more info email us at or whatsapp 081 284 8013 or join 

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