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Super Hot Sauce - Chocolate Habanero #ChocolateHabanero

In terms of the Scoville scale, fresh chocolate habaneros tend to hit around 425,000 – 577,000 Scoville heat units. That can easily be double the heat of a regular habanero. Versus the Red Savina, chocolate habaneros are very similar in terms of heat. The main difference: the mildest chocolate (around 450,000 SHU) will always be hotter than the mildest Red Savina (350,000 SHU). With the jalapeño reference point, you are talking on average 142 times hotter than a mild jalapeño. This makes chocolate habaneros one of the hottest peppers around, but still significantly milder than the jump up to the ghost pepper (starting at 855,000 SHU).


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