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Review - Habanero


A special #thankyou to @johnnyhexburg for today's review of their Habanero hot sauce. Sweet heat is the first impression upon opening this bottle. Smells of fresh fruit mix nicely with a familiar habanero scent and a mild vinegar. The first taste is equally sweet and contains no immediate burn. Notes of fruit, possibly apple and plum, are present along with a definitive habanero flavor, but sugar keeps this burn at bay for a while. A very mild vinegar flavor is noticed on the second bite, but just enough to add a tangy twist. A medium amount of salt shows up in the linger, reminiscent of the signature flavor base. Habanero quietly builds in the background throughout the tasting experience, culminating with a nice and even burn at a medium heat level. Light garlic is noticed on the linger. This sauce has a wonderful consistency and adds a pleasant balance between the sweet and spicy flavors. Heat: 5 of 10 Flavor: 9 of 10

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