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Review: Spicetrials - Scottland


🔥 Johnny Hexburg Carolina Reaper🔥 HEAT: 8/10 ADJECTIVES: tangy 🛎️; sweet 💓; hot ♨️ EAT WITH: all the red meat! A big spicy flavoured sauce needs a big flavoured meat to stand up to it, it's made for the braver BBQer (or Braai-er as this is a South African speciality 🤔) to dash on their beef burger. ROUND UP: I always have high expectations when a sauce bottle has a skull on the label and Johnny Hexburg's offering hasn't disappointed! With a clean vinegar fruity scent on the nose (not reminiscent of a Louisiana sauce, but definitely the tang of vinegar) this honest sauce is initially sour and sweet, then the reaper appears! A full flaired punch in the face of reaper heat, not for the faint hearted, this sauce delivers on flavour, heat and the tingle linger is impressive. As many hot heads know, some sauces try too hard and can lose flavour to the heat, Johnny has the balance just right. Try it. HUSBAND SAYS: holy tamale that's spicy good (no really, he said that)

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