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Carolina REaper Powder

What is Carolina Reaper Powder?

It is exactly what the name states. It is Carolina Reaper peppers dried to 90% and ground down into a powder. This is as pure as you will get it! For every 10kg of fresh peppers, we produce 1kg of dried powder. We also have Mixed Hot Pepper Powder, Ghost Pepper Powder, and Morgua Scorpion Powder available.

Mixed Powder SHU is between 800K - 1mil SHU Ghost Powder SHU is between 800K - 1mil SHU

Moruga Powder SHU is between 1.2mil - 1.6mil SHU

Reaper Powder SHU is between 1.5mil 0 - 1.8mil SHU

We are the only reliable and constant supplier of Hot Pepper Powders in South Africa

Guinness has now recognized a new SMOKIN' ED'S CAROLINA REAPER® record average of 1,641,000 SHU (Scoville heat units) made effective on August 11, 2017, which is over 71,000 SHU hotter than its groundbreaking 2013 record.


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