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2019 Annual Ferno Wing Challenge

The Ferno Wing Challenge was the first ever hot wing challenge to be hosted in South Africa. We are very proud of every single contestant, this was not easy and not what they expected.

You can watch videos on our YouTube Play list.

The Contestants were:

1] Tina Van Merch AKA Hot Wing Reaper

2] Morne van Heerden AKA Pile Popper

3] Duncan Roets AKA Fire Hole

4] Eben Genis AKA Dr Pepper

5] Warren Carrington AKA Wing It Warren

6] Julian Lello AKA Wingernator

7] Gary Concar AKA Dragon Reaper Breath

8] Allex Gunning AKA Chilli Burner

9] Thomas Dorman AKA Fire Pants

10] Darryn Clark AKA Gallus Reaper

11] Zane Udemans AKA Hottweiler

12] Jason Wright AKA Ferno Eliminator

13] Candice February AKA Wing of Fire

14] Charles Spolander AKA Hot Hombres team

15] Craig Spolander AKA Hot Hombres team

16] Gareth Spolander AKA Hot Hombres team

17] Mika Humphreys AKA Wing Woman

18] Graeme de Proft AKA Crust

19] Joshua Mercer [replacement for last minute cancellation]

20] Nash [replacement for last minute cancellation]

The Rules: - You accepted the Johnny Hexburg Ferno Wing Challenge, congratulations and good luck - The challenge is to eat 20 FERNO WINGS in 5 minutes - You must eat all the wings - The wings must be clean of all meat - if the bones are not clean you will be disqualified - You must eat the meat of the wings with your mouth you can’t pull the meat of with your fingers - if you use your fingers to pull the meat off you will be disqualified - You may not wipe the sauce of the wings, this will result in immediate disqualification - You must stay seated for the whole duration of the challenge - if you get up, you will be disqualified - You can drink after the first 2 wings are clean - if you drink before the first 2 wings are clean of meat, you will be disqualified - Any vomiting will result in immediate disqualification and you need to clean up - You are not allowed to clean you mouth with any cloth or wipe during the challenge - if you wipe your face you will be disqualified - If your 20 wings are done within the 5 minutes and your mouth is clear of meat, you raise your hands above your head to signify you are finished - At this point you will put your hands down on the table, palms facing up. No more drinking from this point on wards. - After round 1 you will have a 5 minute burn time. - During this 5 minute burn time you are not allowed to drink anything, you hands need to stay on the table palms facing up. Move your hand off the table and you will be disqualified. - Round 2 will commence after the 5 minute burn time - In round 2 you need to eat more than 20 wings in 5 minutes to qualify - If you can not eat more than 20 wings in the given 5 minutes, you will be disqualified - No drinking will be allowed during round 2 - The contestant who consumed the most amount of wings more than 20 will be declared the winner. - If no contestant is moving to round 2, the person who finished their wings first in round 1 will be declared winner.

Each Contestant had to sign a Waiver

Before the Challenge

During the Challenge

It Was Brutal

Come back soon - we have more to add!

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