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Review - Chocolate Habanero


My first taste of South African hot sauce is Chocolate Habanero, courtesy of @johnnyhexburg . This sauce smells strikingly similar to soy sauce when poured, giving it a salty, mildly sweet, and somewhat earthy scent. The first taste mimics the smell, resembling soy sauce initially. The chocolate habanero adds an interesting sweetness, mixing with the sugar to tame the heat initially, allowing for a full experience of the pepper’s flavor without an extreme burn. Garlic and onion are paired nicely, helping to round out the salt and sweetness into a pleasantly classic hot sauce flavor. The heat from the habanero grows slightly through the tasting, building to a nice even burn. The linger is marked by a fair amount of salt, and a light garlic flavor. Heat: 5 of 10 Flavor: 7 of 10

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