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A Crazy Caribbean style sauce. Tart, sweet, spicy all in one. 


Available in red or yellow

Trinidad 7 Pot Brain Strain
Scoville heat units (SHU): Average: 1,175 000 (1,000 000 - 1,350 000)
7 Pot peppers are known for their wicked heat, and the 7 Pot Brain Strain is no exception. This is a scorching hot pepper, with a fruity, slightly smoky flavor lurking behind the sun-like burn. But what makes the Brain Strain different is its looks. This chili has been cultivated to look much like the human brain lumpy, folding, and bulbous with more internal membrane than most other 7 Pot chilies. 
It’s a unique visual twist not often found on the pepper scale.
Creator: David Capiello


(Photo courtesy Social Media)


Product Review

Trinidad 7 Pot Brain Strain

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