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International Courier Fees are included! No extra shipping costs.

This box includes:

1 x Mild (R55)

[Creamy Garlic or Mango or BBQ]

1 x Medium (R65)

[Chilli or Mozambican Peri-Peri or Cape Malay]

1 x Hot (R100)

[Garlic Ghost or Apocalypse Scorpion or 7 Pot Brain Strain]

1 x Premium (R180)

[Carolina Reaper or Chocolate Reaper or Hexburg Exclusive]

1 x Premium (R250

[P Three or OCD or Gunslinger]

Sauce value R650 + Courier Fee R1100 = R1750. Only pay R1600
+/- $87

+/- £68

+/- €80


(Contact your bank for authorization and an OTP if they do not contact you first. Our secure card payment system requires an OTP for authentication)

International Gift/Sample Box

R1 600,00Price
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