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Perfect sauce selection for your very own Hot Wing Challenge or your own Hot Ones show at home. 7 Sauces included

50ml each.

Median SHU for the fresh peppers:

1) Habanero (SHU 225,000)

2) Xtra Hot Peri-Peri (SHU 75,000)

3) Ghost Pepper (SHU 948,214)

4) Trinidad Scorpion Butch T (SHU 1,131,850)

5) Trinidad 7 Pot Douglah (SHU 1,385,000)

6) Hexburg Exclusive (SHU 1,500,000) 

7) Gunslinger (SHU 1,500,000+)

Eat it with wings if you care or eat it NEAT if you DARE


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Hot Sauce Challenge Box

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