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This sauce was created to tie in with our vision, the Mexican Skulls, and the tribute to the land of spice.

This is a seriously hot sauce and made from just Carolina Reapers.


A MUST HAVE if you are in it for the heat.


When we decided on our label, we had Mexico in mind, since hot sauce has been around since the ancient Aztec time and they have been cultivating peppers since 7000 BC. Let's be honest, hot sauce and spicy peppers are a key part of Mexican cuisine. We figured let's pay tribute to the birthplace of spicy food.

And here is why: 

The monarch’s arrival in Mexico is a breathtaking phenomenon that also carries strong cultural significance. Like clockwork, migrating monarchs arrive in Mexico the same time of year, every year. Their arrival coincides with Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead), which is observed in Mexican culture between November 1st and 2nd. Día de Muertos is a celebration of the deceased. Families and friends gather at gravesites of their ancestors and loved ones. There, they build them altars with photos, offerings, ornate sugar skulls, bright orange marigolds, and candles. The living then share refreshments and stories to celebrate the lives of their friends and ancestors that have passed. This holiday serves as a way to keep the dead alive in the hearts and memories of the living.


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