Sons of fire - south Africa


Our philosophy is simply to lead by doing, succeeding and failing are equally respected in the

Club's eyes. Members will always find the support, encouragement, and enthusiasm from our club whenever needed.


Sons of Fire is open to adults of all ages, with no discrimination, no judgment.

So long as you respect the rules and ALL of our members, if have an interest in the life of spice our doors will always be open.

We all agree that everyone can bring something new or different to the club, from growing advice to challenge advice, life advice to mental health advice.

Men and women from everywhere, with any background, are welcome in the Sons of Fire GCC.

Sons of Fire is a NOT FOR PROFIT Club all donations, sponsorships, and gifts will be made at the discretion of The Regional Chapters Officer Table. 

As a member, you can make recommendations towards donations, sponsorships, etc. All members play an important role in the Club, we are a community, we are family.


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Patched Members (Senior)

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