Cape Town, South Africa



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There are a few chili peppers as aptly named as the fatalii pepper. Obviously, its not fatal to eat a fatalii, but its definitely one of the hottest peppers in the world. Youll feel it from the first bite, and itll rattle you to the core. Theres habanero-level+ heat in this unassuming yellow pod, and its a heat that lands a fast first punch.

But what makes this chili extra special is whats behind the quick sting. Theres a unique citrusy flavor thats simply tasty. Its the perfect hot pepper for citrus hot sauces and salsas, as well as dishes where lemon or lime is a critical component.

The fatalii falls squarely in the truly hot pepper segment of the pepper scale, sharing a Scoville heat range (125,000 – 400,000 SHU) near equal to its South American cousin, the habanero. Its just slightly hotter on both ends of the range, at the top end nearing even a super-hot chocolate habanero.