A sugar free, Louisiana style Hot Sauce. Enjoy the natural flavors the Fatalii has to offer.


Yellow and Chocolate Fatalii
Scoville Heat Units (SHU): Average: 262 500 (125 000 - 400 000)
There are a few chili peppers as aptly named as the fatalii pepper. Obviously, it’s not fatal to eat a 
fatalii, but it’s definitely a hot pepper. You’ll feel it from the first bite, and it’ll rattle you to the 
core. There’s habanero-level+ heat in this unassuming yellow pod, and it’s a heat that lands a fast 
first punch. This is one of the more citrusy chilies you’ll come across. Its flavor is quite unique 
compared to its sweeter cousins like the Scotch bonnet.





    Cape Town, South Africa



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