No, there is no Chocolate in this sauce.

But that being said, this sauce is amazing over icecream. But it is not just a for desserts, you can use it on salads, veg and light proteins.

You get a fruity, sweet & sour flavor with a hint of maple. 


Yellow and Chocolate Fatalii
Scoville Heat Units (SHU): Average: 262 500 (125 000 - 400 000)
There are a few chili peppers as aptly named as the fatalii pepper. Obviously, it’s not fatal to eat a 
fatalii, but it’s definitely a hot pepper. You’ll feel it from the first bite, and it’ll rattle you to the 
core. There’s habanero-level+ heat in this unassuming yellow pod, and it’s a heat that lands a fast 
first punch. This is one of the more citrusy chilies you’ll come across. Its flavor is quite unique 
compared to its sweeter cousins like the Scotch bonnet.

Chocolate Fatalii