Club Rules

Sons of Fire International Bylaws 09/2020

ARTICLE 1. General

a) As of 15 June 2021 the Sons of Fire GCC South Africa has adopted the following Bylaws to form the basis and structure of our Global Chilli Club

b) Sons of Fire is a Global Chilli Club, we are NOT an MC, we are not associated with any MC nor do we represent or claim to be influenced by any MC.

We recognize no authority above us or Chilli Club below us.

We hold no association or affiliation with any other club sharing our name.

c)  It is the purpose of these Bylaws to preserve and protect the founding themes and character of the Club for our members, and to promote the ideas that this club was founded for, some chilli burning and a whole lot of fun.

d) In the event of any issue arising that is not covered by these Bylaws a decision will be made by
The Table.

e) Sons of Fire Club is a Not For Profit Member's Club and separate identity to the Sons of Fire Business, The Club will be solely responsible for all Club decisions.

The Business is owned and operated by Apex Koncept and will be managed accordingly so.

ARTICLE 2. Club Business

Sons of Fire Officers will handle all club financial decisions. including donations, gifts, and investments. These decisions will be shared and discussed with all Senior members. ​

ARTICLE 3. Officers / The Table

The board of the club will consist of the President, Vice President, Sergeant at Arms, Master of Ceremonies, Treasurer, Fundrasor, and Club Secretary. 

ARTICLE 4. Officers and Members


All Officers and  Senior Members will carry an equal vote on any matter presented to The Table.

a) President - Johnny Hexburg
It is the President's role to manage both club and business matters to ensure the Sons of Fire brand and Club integrity are maintained at all times. The President will work to grow the SOF Club through promotion both online and offline. It is the President's responsibility to ensure that all members are representing The Club in a positive light at all times. The President will seek opportunities to advance the Club's Standing and will present these to The Table to vote. 

b) V. President - Gary Concar
The V.President will support the President in all Club matters and will act as primary contact for all members and Club Business.

The V. President will ensure that all rules and standards are met by all members at all times.

The V. President will coordinate Challenges and Event times for the Club and will be responsible for growing the Club's online presence and image.  

c) Treasurer - Gary Allner
Club Treasurer will manage all incomes and outgoings. The Treasurer will provide all financial reports to The Club when requested. The Treasurer will be responsible for all Club receipts, expenses, and investments. 

d) Master of Ceremonies - Yusuf Desai

The Master of Ceremonies will be responsible for representing the club in all matters involving events, activities, challenges, etc. Will organize events and host online events, fundraisers, and challenges as time allow.

e) Sergeant at Arms​ - AJ Nell

Sgt. at Arms will be responsible for all disciplinary matters in the Club. Will oversee the Club's Review Board and rotate members in and out of the Review Board as he sees fit. 

f) Club Secretary - Wilmi Nel
The Club's secretary will be responsible for our welcome committee, club minutes and updates, gift sending, etc. The Club Secretary will carry out his/her duties as sees fit. 

g) Fundraiser - Ansia Booyse

The Club's fundraiser is in charge to coordinate all donations, sponsorships, and fundraising events.

h) Members

The Sons of Fire Club has a simple two-tier membership system. 
Membership is open to anyone who has an interest in the life of spice.

Sons of Fire does not hold any prejudices or discriminate against anyone.

Everyone is welcome to become a Member.

Senior members will have purchased the Club Vest or a Complete Patch Set after already being approved by The Table's Vote. Senior Members will share a rotation at The Table and will have an opportunity to vote on Club Business and present votes/nominations to The Table. Club Table will be 15 members at a time, including the Club's Board (Officers)

Senior members will enjoy the full benefits of Club Membership.

Junior members may purchase a FireStarter Patch set (inclusive of a jacket) after being nominated by an existing member and will not be allowed to vote on club business but will enjoy all other benefits of membership​

ARTICLE 5. Membership 

a)  Membership Fees for Sons of Fire will be due on the First Monday of every June.
b)  Renewal fees will be due at this time too. The Treasurer will be responsible for collecting Club Fees.
c)  Membership Fees will be decided by The Table for the following year.
d)  Membership Fees are non-refundable

ARTICLE 6. Club Patches

a) Sons of Fire Vests and Patches are rented to all Officers and Senior members. The Vest and Patches remain the property of The Sons of Fire AT ALL TIMES. When an Officer or Senior member leaves The Club it is their responsibility to return the Vest or Patches to a member of The Table. The Sgt At Arms will ensure this is done promptly.

There will be no refund issued on returned Vests (unless you purchased your own Vest) or Patches. Payment is for Membership. 

b) Any Senior Member who refuses to return the Club Property may face legal action and will be placed on The Club's Wall of Shame.

c) Club Patches can be rented separately and Senior Members can have them sewn onto their own vest or top.

d) Sons of Fire Reaper Patch is Property of Apex Koncept and used for The Sons of Fire Club and Brand with permission. Any member who wishes to use this image must seek The Table's approval first. 

ARTICLE 7. Rules

a)  All members must respect each other at ALL TIMES. The foundation of SOF was built on respect and we will continue to build this club with respect. Any members who have an issue with each other please resolve this away from SOF. NO DRAMA WILL BE TOLERATED. 

b) It is prohibited to attach any other patch or patches to the Club Vest without prior approval from The Table.

c) Any member wearing the Club Vest or Patches should act respectfully at all times. You represent all of our members.   

d)  Any member deemed to be acting in a manner not in accordance with The Club's Philosophy or Rules may be demoted or removed from The Club and expected to return the Club's Vest or Patches.​​


Amendments to the Bylaws

a. A vote on any amendment(s) shall be held by The Table.

A majority of The Table is required for the passing of the proposed amendment(s).​

ARTICLE 9. Liability

Sons of Fire accepts no responsibility or liability for the actions of any of its

Sons of Fire accepts no responsibility or liability for any injury or harm that may fall on our members.